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Filtering & Grouping Settings

This page lets you define rules to filter orders and get proper merging suggestions. Also there are rules to filter automatically merging orders.

Grouping Rule

By default, there is No Filter, so all of your open orders will be displayed in Smart Suggest grouping (if there is more than one order in the same group).

There are three grouping rules (Shipping Address Only, Customer & Address, Customer Only).

These rules can't be modified, but you can choose one that suits you the best from the Smart Suggest page.


Grouping Options In Smart Suggest

Groping Section In Smart Suggest


Grouping Rules in SettingsGrouping Rules in Settings

Filtering Rules

Using the Add Rule button, you can add some rules to filter orders. These filters will take effect and exclude orders before the grouping is applied.

All conditions of a Rule should be satisfied for an order to pass that rule filter (like an AND statement).
If an order passes Any Rule, it will pass the whole filter (like an OR statement).

Rule Structure

Rules can be activated or deactivated by the button at the end of the rule card. Activated rules are effective on the filtering stage. Deactivated rules have no effect and are only a way to save a rule you already defined for later use. The trash button on the right side deletes its rule card.

Filtering & Grouping Settings User Defined Empty Rule

By clicking each condition button on the bottom of the rule card, a condition row is added to the active conditions. There is a trash bin icon at the end of each row which can be used to delete that condition.


Filtering Default Conditions

Condition Structure

Each condition contains a term, status selection, value, and unit.

Filtering & Grouping Settings Conditions Structure

Conditions like shipping address, customer tags, tags, and shipping carrier need values that should be specified by comma-separated tags or names.

Filtering & Grouping Settings Conditions

Orders filtered by user-defined rules are then grouped, and results are displayed on the Smart Suggest page.

Duplicate Conditions

  • If one value in a group of values that are separated by comma is satisfied, that whole condition row will be satisfied (like an OR statement):
Filtering Comma Separated Values (OR)
  • If you want to filter an order to have all two or more values, duplicate that condition (now it will work like an AND statement):
Filtering Comma Separated Values (AND)

More Examples of Filtering

Creation date

  • is in last

This condition filters orders by their Creation Time.
You can choose to only include orders created in the last X amount of Minutes, Hours, or Days.

Filtering by Creation Date

Customer tags

  • contains
  • does not contain

This condition filters orders by their Customer Tags (separate with commas for multiple tags).
You can choose to exclude some orders that have or don't have certain customer tags

Filtering by Customer Tags

Financial status

  • is
  • is not
    • Pending
    • Authorized
    • Partially_paid
    • Partially_refunded
    • Paid
    • Refunded
    • Expired

This condition filters orders by their Financial Statuses.

Filtering by Financial Status

Fulfillment status

  • is
  • is not
    • Partially_fulfilled
    • Unfulfilled
    • Pending_fulfillment

This condition filters orders by their Fulfillment Statuses.

Filtering by Fulfillment Status

Shipping address

  • country is
  • country is not
  • province is
  • province is not
  • city is
  • city is not

This condition filters orders by their Shipping Address (separated by commas for multiple addresses).

Filtering by Shipping Address

Shipping carrier

  • is
  • is not

This condition filters orders by their Shipping Carrier (separate with commas for multiple carriers).

Filtering by Shipping Carrier


  • contains
  • does not contain

This condition filters orders by their Tags (separate with commas for multiple tags).

Filtering by Tags

Two Rules, One Condition

You can use the same condition type twice for some cases, here's an example of it:


Filtering Same Condition

Here, the filter will pass orders that:

  • have the new order OR fresh order Tags
  • don't have the old order AND don't have dusty order Tags
  • their Shipping address Country is USA OR Canada OR England
  • their Shipping address Country is not named Random