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Order Creating Inventory Behaviour / Draft Order Only For Preview

· 2 min read

Merge To Order

We sent emails to the merchants who installed the app and ask them to feedback to us about app functionality and send us their suggestions. Receiving feedbacks, we found out that creating orders was disrupting the inventory by using extra items instead of the existing items on the merging orders.

Now we have changed the way Mergify creates orders, so from now on using Merge To Order buttons does not add to sold products or affect inventory.

Merge To Draft Order

The second important change is about Merge To Draft Order buttons. Mergify uses draft orders to create an editable preview of the merged orders. Therefore merchants can change any field of the orders and complete them. Of course, inventory should be considered in this process, As completing draft orders reduces the products' available quantity.

Before this Mergify treated draft orders like orders and, archived, canceled, or refunded orders based on the settings specified on the settings page. Since draft orders are just for preview, we changed this functionality, and draft orders do not affect the original orders. Of course, if there are tags and notes specified on the settings for the merging result or original orders, they are still applied by completing draft orders.

Financial data

As it was stated before in the docs, Mergify does not transfer financial data like transactions to the merged order. So all financial matters like refunding or processing partial payments should be carried out on the original orders, not the merging result one. Therefore we always consider merged orders as Paid.