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Mergify is a Shopify app that helps store owners combine their orders. This improves your customers' experience by refunding excess shipping costs to them. It also helps your business profit by reducing the overall shipping cost.

If a customer has multiple orders, combining them into a single shipment can help save on shipping costs. Instead of having separate shipping bills for each order, you only need one when the orders are combined. This can help reduce the overall expenses. The extra money saved can either be kept by you or refunded to the customer, which can enhance their experience.

Currently Mergify works by creating a new order. The original orders' details are used to create the new order. We have provided some settings related to how you want this new order to be created, and what happens to the original orders.

This documentation describes different parts of Mergify. Each page in the app is explained in detail on its corresponding docs page.

Docs Structure

Mergify consists of different sections which work together to implement the merging functionality.

Dashboard is the main page that shows the overall statistics, orders selection, manual merging, has a button to activate auto-merge, a button to sync your store orders with our database, and a button to take a tutorial tour.

Merge Settings is where you control the properties of the newly created (merged) order (including Order Properties & Shipping Properties). You can also decide what happens to the original orders (including Actions, Tags & Notes).

Mergify can detect merging possibilities based on the settings and filters you define. Filtering Rules page lets you define rules for automatic merging and suggestions displayed on the Smart Suggest page.

The History section has a summary of all of your merges.

The More Settings page has Notification, Miscellaneous, and Integration settings.

General Instructions

Mergify is embedded into Shopify admin to provide a familiar user experience for you. On the left side of the page, below the Mergify App, there is a navbar that makes it possible to navigate through different pages:


(The Plans section is where you can activate or change your plans.)

On the top of the dashboard page, there is a Docs button which leads you to this documentation:

Navbar Buttons